Moving Tips

Make a list

Making a list helps to organize the busy task of moving. Start making your list early, as you think of certain things that you have to move. The list will be a great tool to make sure you stay focused and on task while packing and unpacking.

Have plenty of supplies

Moving is not the time to skimp on supplies. Having enough boxes and moving blankets lets you focus on the task at hand, packing. Extra boxes can often be returned after your move so you are not forced to pay for unused boxes. You save a lot of time by boxing up all your items rather than moving individual items.

Utilize wardrobe boxes

Keeping clothing on hangars can cause hassles when moving and result in your valuable clothing getting dirty or damaged. Wardrobe boxes are an inexpensive easy way to keep your clothing hanging while moving and makes all of your clothing easier to move.

Have Large Items Accessible

Having your large items available for movers saves time and money and keeps your movers happy. Ensure that your knick knacks are taken off your large items and dresser drawers are empty.